Novopeldaño ASTRA® Nori

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Novopeldaño ASTRA® Nori is a stair nosing profile made of the exclusive ASTRA® material, an extra resistant polymer specially developed to obtain the bestbenefits in all kind of environments. Not only indoors but also in submerged or humid environmentsor outdoors. Thanks to the addition of biocides, which prevent from mold growing, it stands stable inhumid and submerged environments.

This material has a great impact resistance, improved in theformulation with several additives and a perfect balance of mineral reinforcer, which allows its use infloorings with guarantees. The colors available are stable and durable, thanks to the studied dosage of maximum solidity dyes, preserving its appearance along the time.

ASTRA® is the result of the constant innovation in EMAC®,always working to offer highly functional and decorative products.

Thisstair nosing profile is to be installed after the tiling work with adhesiveor screws, being the perfect option for new projects or rehabilitation andreform works.

Available in three colors that can integrate with the mosttrendy finishes in floorings in the markets or make a contrast with them.


  • Novopeldaño ASTRA Nori Novopeldaño ASTRA Nori
  • Code.materialhacolorslengthpacking
    NPASTNOCE25ASTRA®25 mm40 mmcement2,5 m15 u.