Novopeldaño ASTRA® Stella

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The Novopeldaño ASTRA® Stella system is a technical solution that will shine with its own light in the world of design, combining the aesthetics of the ASTRA® material and the decoration of the ECLIPSE® indirect lighting. It It is a system that has 3 fundamental pieces: a main profile with a non-slip face made of the exclusive ASTRA® material, an anodized aluminum base profile that gives the necessary resistance to the step, and which is prepared to house an LED strip and, finally, the screws that fix the base profile to the riser. The ASTRA® profile is fixed by means of adhesive to the flooring of the step and to the base profile (adhesive not included).
The stars align to give life to the Novopeldaño ASTRA® Stella system. Available in five colors that integrate with the trendy finishes on the market or contrast with the flooring as desired, making it a perfect choice for both new construction and renovation and refurbishment, and with end caps for the perfect finish of the installation.
The resistance of the step system has been tested at AIDIMME, exceeding 100,000 vertical load cycles without damage.


  • Cement - 164 Cement - 164
  • Cinnamon - 163 Cinnamon - 163
  • Black - 165 Black - 165
  • Almond - 166 Almond - 166
  • Ash - 170 Ash - 170
  • Specifications

  • MaterialsReferencehaFinishesLengthPackaging
    ASTRA®  + anodized aluminum
    NPASTLLCA2525 mm

    40 mm

    cinnamon- 1632,5 m16 u
    NPASTLLCE25cement - 164
    NPASTLLNE25black - 165
    almond - 166
    ash - 170