Novopeldaño® Lumina 65mm

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Stair nosing profile with photoluminescent strip that help to fulfill with the more demanding standards related to emergency lighting. It also has a non-slip surface and is intended to be installed after tiling. Ideal for public areas with heavy pedestrian (foot) traffic.

Novopeldaño® Lúmina is a profile for stair nosings with slim design which combines functionality and beauty just in a product. The properties of the photoluminescent strip surpass the demands related to luminescence established in the UNE 23035-4. It is the safer choice for the stairs.

The photoluminescent strip, 3 cm. width, fulfills the requirements of the UNE 23035 related to emergency lighting. This profile can be installed on the tread or on the riser depending on the direction of the evacuation.



Aluminum + Anti-slip strip

65mm. (2 1/2")40 mm. (1 9/16")30mm.  (1 3/16")Anod. matt silver + light yellow strip1 / 2,5 m. (3'2", 8'2")10 u.

With plastic film

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