Novopeldaño MaxiSoho® Dakar

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Made of the exclusive MAXI material of EMAC®, a WPC composed by PVC and vegetal fibers arising from recycled agricultural waste, together with a complex process of controlled shade variation, the MaxiSoho collection is born. Unique profiles. Not two profiles are the same.

With non-slip surface and suitable for outdoors. Maximum quality to protect and embellish the ceramic tiles.

The controlled shade variation process confers a complete spectrum of shades in the same profile that makes it blend with any color of tile and respond to the market new design trends. Our challenge is to offer the maximum quality to protect and embellish your ceramic tiles.


  • Vintage Brown Vintage Brown
  • Vintage Grey Vintage Grey
  • White Vintage White Vintage
  • Specifications

  • Novopeldaño MaxiSoho Dakar Novopeldaño MaxiSoho Dakar

  • CodeMaterialahColorsLengthPackaging
    NPMXSHDK10*Vegetable fibers + PVC40 mm. (1 9/16")10 mm. (3/8")Brown vintage, White vintage, Grey vintage1 / 2,5 m. (3ft2in / 8ft2in)10 u.
    12 mm. (1/2")1 / 2,5 m. (3ft2in / 8ft2in)

    *Mark desired length amont the available ones