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Reg. 198888-6
Reg. 198888-6

Aluminum profile with wide face side which embellishes stair nosings, balconies, countertops, etc.

Available in six trendy colors certified with quality seals Qualanod and Qualicoat.


  • Matt silver Matt silver
  • Mirror-bright Mirror-bright
  • Misty white Misty white
  • Oxidized grey Oxidized grey
  • Quart sand Quart sand
  • Earthen oxide Earthen oxide
  • Specifications

  • Novoperi Novoperi
  • CodeMaterialahColorLengthPackaging
    NPERIAL10PL (NPERI1338)Aluminum
    50 mm. (2")
    10 mm. (3/8")
    Anod. matt silver

    2'5 m. (8ft2in)

    12 u.

    NPERIAL10AE (NPERI11038)Anod. mirror-bright
    NPERIAL10BN (NPERI14538)Misty white
    NPERIAL10QA (NPERI14438)Quartz sand
    NPERIAL10OG (NPERI14738)
    Oxidized grey
    NPERIAL10OT (NPERI14638)Earthen oxide
    NPERIAL12PL (NPERI1312)12 mm. (1/2")
    Anod. matt silver
    NPERIAL12AE (NPERI11012)Anod. mirror-bright
    NPERIAL12BN (NPERI14412)Misty white
    NPERIAL12QA (NPERI14712)Quartz sand
    NPERIAL12OG (NPERI14612)Oxidized grey
    NPERIAL12OTEarthen oxide