Novopletina® Safety

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Plate profile made of anodized aluminium, matt silver finish, with an insert of non-slip strip with different colors.

This plate can be installed as a flooring separator, in entrances, stairs or ramps.

The non-slip strip is classified as R13 according to the DIN 51130 standard.

Available in four different colors: black, yellow, black/yellow, grey.


  • Novopletina Safety Novopletina Safety
  • CodeMaterialahADColorLengthPackaging
    Anti-slip strip
    42mm.  (1 9/16")2'5 mm.(3/32")30mm.  (1 3/16")Anod. matt silver + black strip2,5 m. (8.2')10 u.
    NPLSFAL4GRAnod. matt silver + grey strip
    NPLSFAL42AMAnod. matt silver + yellow strip
    NPLSFAL42ANAnod. matt silver + black & yellow strip