Novopletina Stainless Steel

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Decorative plate made of stainless steel, suitable for its placement in ramps and as stair nosing. Its non-slip surface improves the value of slip resistance of the pavement which complements. This helps to fulfill with the Spanish Technical Building Code (CTE).

This profile can be installed without work so it's ideal for rehabilitation or reform works. It is also ideal for public areas such as airports, malls, hospitals, etc. and for homes.

Novopletina® is available in Brico pack, including adhesive and ready to install.

Available in stainless steel brushed. Covered with protective film.



  • Novopletina Acero Inoxidable Novopletina Acero Inoxidable
  • CodeMaterialaColorLengthPackaging
    NPLAI25CE*St. steel without adhesive25 mm. (1")Brushed1 / 2 m. (6.5', 3.2')50 u.
    NPPLAI25CE*ASt. steel with adhesive

    With a plastic film

    *Mark desired length among the available ones