Novorodapie® Aluminium with acoustic isolation

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The Novorodapie® with adhesive insulating band is born to complement and finish the installations, which expect to get quality and well-being through the acoustic insulate. This protection must be graduated and adequate according to comfort and functionality criteria (depending on the developing activity) and, submitted to the compulsory after the implementation of the new Building Technical code in referred to noise.

For a perfect finish, complementary pieces are available: cover, right and left, and external and internal angle.


  • With acoustic isolation With acoustic isolation

  • CodeMaterialaColorLengthPackaging
    Acustic Isolation
    70 mm. (2-3/4")Anod. matt silver2 m. (6ft6in)10 u.

    Skirting with bands contributing to an Acoustic Isolation to fulfill CTE-DB-HR (Spanish Norm ref. Protection against noise)

    Complementary Pieces

  • Corner Corner
  • Internal angle Internal angle