Novostrip SP

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Novostrip SP is a profile made of extruded aluminium intended to be installed in stairs, ramps or passage areas with marble, terrazzo or similar floorings, to guarantee safety against eventual falls.

This profile is easy to install on finished floorings, it will be enough by applying adhesive. Due to its geometry, it’s ideal for installing it in any environment, specially in old areas which need a better safety transit in already tiled stairs. Thanks to its tiny design, can be integrated on the flooring.

Available in matt silver and champagne finishes, two colors wich perfectly fits with the latest trends.


  • Novostrip SP Novostrip SP
  • codematerialhacolorslengthpacking
    NSTRIPALXLSPaluminium2,5 mm12 mmanod. matt silver2,5 m50 u.
    NSTRIPALXLSPCHanod. champagne