Novotapajuntas NCJE

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Reinforced profile made of anodized aluminum with striated visible side, designed to protect and beautify expansion joints in facades, walls, ceilings or floorings with light traffic, for joints between 50 and 200 mm width.

Easy to install with fixing screws as it is supplied with countersunk holes.

Suitable for new works and reforms, indoors and outdoors for all kind of buildings such as hospitals, universities, colleges.. Allows traffic of medium loads.

Available 3 m lenght.


NTCJE120ALNAAluminum120 mm (4 3/4")Up to 50 mm (2")3 m. (9.8')10 u.
NTCJE210ALNA210 mm (8 1/4")Up to 130 mm (5 1/8")
NTCJE320ALNA320 mm (1' 5/8")Up to 200 mm (7 7/8")