Novotapajuntas NDA Aluminum

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Profile made of anodized aluminum designed to protect and beautify expansion joints in facades, walls, ceilings or floorings with light traffic, up to 150 mm width.

Easy to install with the stainless steel clips delivered, avoiding the use of adhesives or fixing screws. Suitable for new works and reforms and for all kind of buildings such as hospitals, universities, colleges..

Available in flat model and in angle model for perimeter expansion joints. Both in 3 m lenght.



  • Novotapajuntas NDA Aluminio Novotapajuntas NDA Aluminio
  • Novotapajuntas NDA Aluminio Perimetral Novotapajuntas NDA Aluminio Perimetral
  • CodeTypeMaterialabColorLength
    NTDAP50ALNA3FlatAluminum10-35 mm. (3/8" - 1 3/8")50 mm. (2")Anod. matt silver3 m. (9ft10in)