Novovierteaguas LX

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Reg. 201231375
Reg. 201231375

This edging profile has a broad visible side made of aluminum. It is ideal to finish off balconies, terraces and windowsills. Its L-shape allows material with different thickness to be installed (2 cm. from the front). The exclusive design of the eaves, grooved along its length, is more effective to channel the water away from the wall, preventing a run-off on the facade.

Angle and joint pieces are available to get a perfect finish.


  • oxyde grey - 147 oxyde grey - 147
  • light grey - 156 light grey - 156
  • Specifications

    CodeMaterial a ColorLengthPackaging


    75 mm. (2 15/16")Light grey2'5 m. (8.2')10 u.
    NVLXAL75OG25- (NVLXUN-)Oxidized grey

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