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Reg. 504253-2
Reg. 504253-2

Profile made of aluminum to finish the edges of tiled benches, shelves or steps.

It protects the edge of the tiles and embellises the installation.

Complementary pieces available: interior angle, exterior angle and cover.


  • Novoencimera Novoencimera

  • CodeMaterialhaColorLengthPackaging
    NENAL08PL (NEN13516)Aluminum8 mm. (5/16")48 mm. (1' 4/16")Anod. matt silver2,5 m. (8.2')10 u.
    NENAL12PL (NEN1312)12 mm. (1/2")

    With a plastic film

    Complementary Pieces

  • Novoencimera internal angle Novoencimera internal angle
  • Novoencimera endcap Novoencimera endcap
  • Novoencimera corner Novoencimera corner