Novojunta® Pro Aluminium PLUS SP

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Novojunta Pro® Aluminium PLUS is a system for overlapping structural joints made of aluminum and EDPM, which maintains the joint hidden in a clean and aesthetic way. To be installed after the tiling work.

It consists of two reinforced aluminum profiles and a central body made of high quality EPDM that absorbs multidirectional movements and has excellent mechanical properties, being also resistant to weather and UV rays. The profiles have countersunk holes for the installation with screws (included). Available in natural color with black or gray rubber in smooth or grooved finish.

This product is delivered unmounted and includes the fixing screws. The rubber is replaceable. Available firestop cords and EPDM membrane depending on the model.



  • Novojunta® Pro Aluminio PLUS SP Novojunta® Pro Aluminio PLUS SP
  • Novojunta® Pro Aluminio PLUS SP PERI Novojunta® Pro Aluminio PLUS SP PERI

  • Material
    ReferenceFinishesColorJoint width (a)Total width (b)Height (h)Length
    Aluminium + EPDM rubber
    NJPALPSP40*Smooth/StriatedBlack / grey45 mm
    150 mm
    13,8 mm
    2,5 m
    NJPALPSP50*55 mm
    160 mm


    Total movement allowed:

    45 mm width (1-9/16") : +/- 5 mm (10 mm)  -   +/-3/16" (3/8")

    55 mm width (2-3/16"): +/-7 mm (14 mm) -  +/-9/32"  (9/16")