Novojunta® Pro Metal SP100

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Novojunta® Pro Metal SP100 is a premounted system of profiles made entirely in natural aluminum, to be installed in structural expansion joints once the work is finished.

Its design, with sliding pieces, allows it to absorb multidirectional movements. The profile is to be fixed to the flooring and facilitates the traffic with no bumps.

Perimeter piece is available under request. Natural finish color.



  • Novojunta Pro Metal SP100 Novojunta Pro Metal SP100
  • Novojunta Pro Metal SP100 PE Novojunta Pro Metal SP100 PE

    Horizontal: 30 mm (+20/-10)

    Vertical: 16 mm (+/-8 mm)

    ReferenceMaterialWidth (a)Visible width (b)Height (h)Length
    NJPMSP100NAAluminium100 mm.240 mm.3,60 mm.2,5 m.

    ReferenceMaterialWidth(a)Visible width (b)Height (h)Length
    NJPMSP100NAPAluminium100 mm.170 mm.3,60 mm.2,5 m.