Novojunta® Pro PA

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Novojunta Pro® PA is a system of profiles with a wide range of movement specially designed to be installed in vertical joints in areas with high seismic risk. It can be installed in joint widths up to 330 mm.

This system consists of two aluminum profiles drilled on the base for the fixing screws (that remain hidden under the flooring) and a central body made of synthetic rubber that allows high multidirectional movements. The synthetic rubber resists weathering, thermal changes, wear and moisture.

Available in black color with striated finish.


  • Novojunta Pro PA Novojunta Pro PA
  • Novojunta Pro PA Perimetral Novojunta Pro PA Perimetral

  • CodeMaterialaMinim. Joint WidthMaxm. Joint WidthhLength


    + Synthetic rubber

    20-40 mm10 mm50 mm15 mm.
    3 m. (9.8')
    NJPPA5012050-100 mm25 mm110 mm
    NJPPA10016080-150 mm50 mm170 mm
    NJPPA120200120-200 mm80 mm220 mm
    NJPPA260390170-300mm130 mm340 mm