Novopeldaño® 2 Clásico

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Reg. 147549-C

Step with a natural wood tread on a robust base of aluminium. It is suitable as a finish off in stairways in ceramics or wood…

It is available in different types of wood for indoors and outdoors.

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  • Specifications

  • Novopeldaño 2 Clásico Novopeldaño 2 Clásico
  • CodeMaterialhaColorLengthPackaging
    NPEMA45-Aluminum + Wood11 mm. (7/16")45mm. (1 3/4")Iroko, Tali, Scented mahogany, Oak2'45-2'5 / 1'2 / 1m.

    (8.2', 3.9', 3.2')

    10 u.
    NPEMA70-17'5 mm. (11/16")70mm. (2 3/4")6 u.

    With a plastic film

    Mark desired length among the available ones