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Reg. 1988882-C
Reg. 1988882-C

Non-slip stair nosing profile. Its wide striated surface and its non-slip strip fulfill with the most demanding safety standards, increasing the value of slip resistance of any flooring. It is installed after tiling. Ideal for public areas with heavy pedestrian (foot) traffic.

The non-slip strip of Novopeldaño® Safety has a non-slip value certified as R13 according to the DIN 51130 standard. The contrast between the strip and the aluminum profile helps to make it DDA compliant.

Novopeldaño® Safety offers maximum functionality in a beatiful profile easy integrable in any environment.




  • black strip - 10 black strip - 10
  • grey strip - 02 grey strip - 02
  • yellow black strip - 157 yellow black strip - 157
  • yellow strip - 37 yellow strip - 37
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  • Novopeldaño Safety Novopeldaño Safety
  • CodeMaterialahADColorLengthPackaging
    NPSFAL65PLAluminum + Anti-slip strip
    65mm. (2 1/2")
    40 mm. (1 9/16")
    30mm. (1 3/16")
    Anod. matt silver + black strip1 / 2,5 m. (3.2', 8.2')
    10 u.
    NPSFAL65GRAnod. matt silver + grey strip
    NPSFAL65AMAnod. matt silver + yellow strip
    NPSFAL65NAAnod. matt silver + yellow & black strip

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    *It can be delivered with countersunk holes for screw attachment.