Novorodapie Eclipse® SP

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Novorodapie Eclipse® SP is a made of aluminum profile designed to be installed  as  a  skirting  board  in  installations  with  all  kind  of  coatings. Its geometry with straight lines and smooth surface protects the cladding and allows it to be installed before or after work, covering the perimeter joint. This profile is highly versatile and reversible. It can be placed, in addition to a skirting board, as an intermediate or upper finish on the wall in two different positions.

Optionally, an LED strip (not included) can be installed in any of the interior hollows, being able to choose between a more discreet or more visible lighting. A strip of the same coating can also be placed in the larger hole,obtaining a finish that is fully integrated into the installation.

*Utility Model   **Community design


  • anod. matt silver -13 anod. matt silver -13
  • Matt white -142 Matt white -142
  • Matt white -142 Matt white -142


  • Option 1 Option 1
  • Option 2 Option 2
  • Materialcodeahcolorlengthpacking
    AluminiumNRECSPAL80PL80 mm (3-1/4")14 mm (17/32")anod. silver matt - 132,5 m (8ft2in)10 u
    NRECSPAL80BLROff white - 142

    * With a gap where LEDS can be installed

    *Promotional atmosphere created using Novorodapie Eclipse SP Aluminium, showing a suggestion for one possible use of this product. EMAC does not manufacture, sell or supply any LED strip whatsoever with the Novorodapie Eclipse product. The choice of LED strip should be undertaken by the installer, taking into account the circumstances of the installation site.

    Complementary Pieces

  • Endcap Endcap