Novotri Eclipse®

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Novotri Eclipse® is a polyvalent profile, made of aluminum which can be placed as a decorative listel, minimalist skirting board or decorative ceiling listel in plasterboard or tiled walls

The front flap protects the edge of the piece that goes with and acts like a guide for its installation with materials of different thicknesses. Its flat base with a slight slope facilitates the cleaning and allows its installation as a skirting or top ending.

An optional LED light can be installed in its discrete inner hollow, giving the profile a double functionality and a high decorative finish.

Novotri Eclipse® is born to extend the innovative Eclipse® range of EMAC®. Profiles that allows, easily and without diffusor, the creation of comfortable environments by using the undirect illumination.

Novorodapié Eclipse® has a special cover available to get a perfect installation.

*Utility model


  • anod. matt silver anod. matt silver
  • anod. matt black anod. matt black
  • Off white Off white


  • Novotri Eclipse Novotri Eclipse

  • codematerialhalengthcolorpacking
    NLECAL1125PLaluminium11 mm27 mm2,5 mmatt silver30 u.
    NLECAL1125BLRmatt white
    NLECAL1125NMmatt black



    *Promotional atmosphere created using Novotri Eclipse Aluminium matt silver, showing a suggestion for one possible use of this product. EMAC does not manufacture, sell or supply any LED strip whatsoever with the Novotri Eclipse product. The choice of LED strip should be undertaken by the installer, taking into account the circumstances of the installation site.

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