Novorodapie® Stainless Steel

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Reg. 504253-15
Reg. 504253-15

Skirting baseboard manufactured in Stainless Steel. Beauty & Endurance following the lastest designs of vanguard.

Available in Stainless Steel High Brightness and Brushed finishing. For a perfect finish off, there are COMPLEMENTARY PIECES AVAILABLE: Internal and external angle and the cover.

Examples of applications

  • Specifications

  • Novorodapie Acero Inox. Novorodapie Acero Inox.
  • CodeMaterialahColorLengthPackaging
    NRAl60NA (NRE16656)Stainless steel
    60 mm. (2 3/8")10 mm. (3/8")High brightness2 m. (6.5')10 u.
    NRAl60CE (NRE88656)

    Complementary Pieces

  • Corner Corner
  • Endcap Endcap
  • Internal angle Internal angle