Photoluminescent strip

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Photoluminescent strip with adhesive, designed as a replacement for Novopeldaño® Lúmina a:65 mm. or to be placed on any surface for signaling.

Our 30 mm. width photoluminescent strip can be installed, for example, on our Novoescuadra model to signal corners, on any Novorodapie® model to signal paths or on any Novonivel® profile among others.

Due to its size, as is indicated on the UNE 23035-4 standard, it can be place also signaling doors or safety elements (like fire estinguishers), in landings, corridors, walls, handrails, etc.

This strip has been classified as Class B according to the UNE23035-4 standard, being visible for a long time.

Available in rolls of 5 meters in lenght.


MaterialMeasures stripPackaging
Photoluminescent stripF: 5 mm / 3'16"rollo de 5 m / 16'4"
F: 30 mm / 1-3'16"