Novorodapie® Rehabit

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Reg. 1685256-7
Reg. 1685256-7

Skirting with modern design, made of anodized aluminium, specially designed for rehabilitation or reform works. It can be easily placed on an old skirting without work or in new walls without previous skirting.

To achieve a perfect finish and installation, Novorodapie® Rehabit has right and left covers , interior and exterior angles. Novorodapie® Rehabit also has the "fastening-piece" to install the skirting without a previous one. The "fastening-piece", made of aluminium, guarantees the maximum precision in the joint between pieces and an optimal adhesion with the most common adhesives. Its design, with striated sides, suits perfectly with the striated areas of the skirting.

It is delivered with protective film. Available in silver matt and off-white.


  • Novorodapie Rehabit Novorodapie Rehabit
  • Novorodapie Rehabit Novorodapie Rehabit
  • CodeMaterialahColorLengthPackaging
    NRHAL80PL (NRH1365)Aluminum80 mm.
    (3 1/8")
    13/9 mm.
    Anod. matt silver2 m. (6.5')10 u.
    NRHAL80BLR (NRH14265)matt white
    NRHAL120PL (NRH4341365)120 mm.
    (4 3/4")
    23'8 mm.
    Anod. matt silver
    NRHAL120BLR (NRH43414265)matt white

    Complementary Pieces

  • Corner Corner
  • Endcap Endcap
  • Support Profile Support Profile
  • Internal angle Internal angle